"After completing a unique four year degree in professional tennis management, Steve Roberts continued his tennis education by immersing his energies into the tennis content that we have gathered. To make an understatement, Steve loves tennis and is dedicated to having his students learn efficient skill sets."

-Steve Smith
Leading Tennis Educator

"We have three kids who love to play tennis. And they especially love to work on their games with Steve Roberts and his team at Brookside. At Brookside there is a low player to pro ratio which allows for a ton of individual and relentless attention to proper technique and the right way to play the game. And if you play with proper technique and the right way, the game becomes tremendously rewarding.

Many/most coaches do not have the patience or desire to pay meticulous attention to detail. Allowing a kid to play with flawed mechanics or a particular way may result in more victories in the younger age groups, but will likely result in frustration and unfulfilled potential in the long run. Steve knows this and always has the long-term interests of the kid in mind.

We highly recommend Steve and his team to any kid looking to get the most out of his/her game . My kids have improved a ton under his tutelage."

-Mark Fuchs

Tennis Parent


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